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Archangel's Storm (Guild Hunter Series #5)

Archangel's Storm  - Nalini Singh I fell behind in this series. It's been at least a year, perhaps two, since I've read a Guild Hunters book. I admit I skipped Dimitri's book and went straight to this one (I have no desire to read a reincarnation story, esp one that features a vampire). I don't feel like I missed anything. I expected more from Jason's background. He's intrigued me from the beginning. While I think Singh did a good job if giving us his backstory, I felt disconnected somehow. It was told in an almost clinical way. I also found Mayhia to be a bit unrealistic. I would have understood her hope and compassion more if we'd seen some type of influence I her life which made her that way. Still, the romance was well done. I enjoyed watching them come together. Singh's writing is beautiful. I had no trouble falling into the story.