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Undone by Her Tender Touch (Pregnancy & Passion, #4)

Undone by Her Tender Touch (Pregnancy & Passion, #4) - Maya Banks Sometimes the unplanned pregnancy works and sometimes it doesn't. I thought the circumstances behind it worked here.Pippa is a strong, independent woman. She owns and catering business she's looking to expand and she isn't looking for a relationship. Cam has had a thing for Pippa for ages, but he has no intention of acting on it. He's already loved and lost, and he has no desire to do so again.But after what's supposed to be a one night stand, Cam realizes the condom has broken. He doesn't really want a wife, but he wants Pippa safe and cares for if she's pregnant, so he offers marriage....and is shocked when she refuses. Pippa wants more than a cold, loveless marriage just because she got pregnant. And she's pretty sure she can never have that with Cam. Or can she? I liked that Cam was the one who realized there was a chance of pregnancy. It was a nice change from the usual.Cam has baggage he doesn't want to deal with, which is hard on any type of relationship they might have. He's determined to keep Pippa at arms length, but finds it hard to be away from her. This means he's putting put mixed signals which confuse her. I don't blame her. He was all over the place. But the glimpses of him without the shadow of his past hanging over him made him a likable character.Pippa was also a likable character. I was glad she didn't let Cam railroad her into a relationship just because of the baby. It was good to see her holding out for more, instead of accepting whatever crumbs he'd give her. I was somewhat bothered by her reaction to his past. I understood why she felt the way she did, and even applauded her for standing her ground, yet I wanted to see a bit more compassion and understanding. She came off as selfish on one level, which I don't think was the intention of the author.That aside I thought this was an angsty, emotional story.