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Here Comes the Groom (Harlequin Super Romance #1682)

Here Comes the Groom - Karina Bliss This was a sweet friends-to-lovers tale. Jocelyn and Dan have been best friends forever. They agreed, during a night of drunken revelry, that if they were still unmarried at 33 they'd marry each other. Both knew it was a joke, even if they did write it down on the back of a bar placemat and sign it like a contract. Now, on the eve of Jocelyn's 33rd birthday, Dan has changed the rules of the game..he's decided he really wants to marry Jocelyn. But neither of them are the kids they were when they made that deal..a lot has changed. Jocelyn no longer wants a husband and kids, and Dan is no longer the carefree, fearless soldier he once was. There was a lot of depth here that I didn't expect. The way the story starts out it seems it's going to be a lighthearted romance, but Bliss tackled some heavy issues. I had some problems with both main characters at various times throughout the story, but for the most part I enjoyed watching them come together. I think Jo was a little too independent. I understand wanting to stand on your own two feet and take care of your own problems, but she took it too far. Though I enjoyed the romance, I think it was overshadowed by the personal growth of both characters. The I Love You's seemed kind of forced at first, though in the end I did believe in them fully. If you're looking for a good friends-to-lovers story, check this one out. I'll be picking up the rest of the series as it's released.