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Cover of Night

Cover of Night - I can't remember how I felt about this book the first time I read it, though I vaguely recall being disappointed in it. After this reread, I have to say I quite enjoyed it. But that might be because I skimmed and/or skipped 90% of the bad guy POV chapters. The romance between Cate and Cal is a sweet one. She's a widow trying to make a living as a bes and breakfast owner and raise rambunctious twins boys. He's the local handyman who is so shy he blushes and stammers every time he's around her. When trouble comes to her door in the form of two guys looking for information on one of her guests that snuck out the window, we find out more about Cal and the small town of Trail Stop, Idaho.That part of the story worked well. So did the mystery aspect, despite the ridiculousness of the plot the bad guys concocted. I think, in part, because they themselves realizes it was ridiculous. What dragged the story down for me was the number of alternating POV's and the amount of time spent in the heads of the bad guys. I would much rather have seen more from Cal and less from the 6 bad guys. Even so, I'd rate this one a 3.5.ETA: I looked up my original review...I'd say I rated it considerably higher this time around. All my original points still stand. I'm thinking I was right in saying I benefited from skipping the bad guy parts. Original review here: http://www.thebookbinge.com/2008/04/cover-of-night-by-linda-howard.html?m=1