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The Rocker That Savors Me (The Rocker, #2) - Terri Anne Browning A friend recommended this series to me. She said the forst book was a trainwreck but the 2nd was worth reading. She's in my trust circle so I took her at her word. Sadly this time we disagree. Browning's writing leaves a lot to be desired. The editing issues are enough to drive me batty. That aside, the quickness of the romance coupled with the secondary plot featuring the heroine's 17yo sister and a tortured, messed up 30yo drummer really killed the story. At first I was morbidly fascinated with the story, but as it wore on I became frustrated, then bored. I liked the concept but it failed in execution. Course I do want to read the book about the 17yo sister...just to see how bad it really is. Don't judge me!