What Were You Expecting?

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Angels' Blood - Nalini Singh 2/28/13- another reread. I adore this series. 11/10 - I enjoyed this book even more upon rereading it. The nuances of the romances combined with the excellent world-building and action packed suspense make for an excellent read. Highly recommend, even for those of you who are on the fence. 9/09 - I have an aversion to vampires, so I put off reading this for quite some time. I'm sorry for that now. What an amazing story. The world-building and characterizations were fabulous. I really loved both characters. Elena was strong and witty. I might want to be her when I grow up. Is there anything better than seeing an (arch)angel fall? Gabriel started out cold and harsh, but totally melted as the story progressed. But even from the beginning I adored him.