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The Lion's Lady - Julie Garwood 2/27/13 - another re-read. This book gets better each time I read it. 11/10 - My sister-in-law borrowed this book and when she returned it I did a fast re-read. I just have one word: LOVE.12/10 - I forget how much I enjoy Garwood's regency titles, especially The Lion's Lady. More often than not it is Garwood's heroes who stand out for me, even though I tend to like her heroines. But Christina is the exception. I absolutely adore her and how unconventional she is. She was raised by Indians in the Black Hills of South Dakota, can use a knife better than many men, prefers to go barefoot and eats the leaves of bushes. She's wonderful. Lyon is the perfect match for her. Though he starts out quite jaded and cynical, it isn't long before he realizes what a gem Christina is. I especially love that he totally "gets" her. She kept thinking he wanted only the "civilized" version of herself, but he proves time and again that he loves all of her..even her wild, savage side. Especially her wild, savage side.