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Fall Into Me - Linda Winfree 1/11/13 reread: I don't intentionally re-read this book every January, I just get the urge once a year and can't help myself. Have I mentioned how much I love Troy Lee? srsly. love. _______-1/7/12 reread: This remains my favorite book of the series. Troy Lee. sigh. reread: i heart Troy Lee. ————————————re-read review: This is my favorite Hearts of the South series novel. When I reviewed it initially the ending frustrated me so much I didn't give it the love it deserves. Troy Lee is amazing. I absolutely adore him and his relationship with Angel. I've now read this a total 7 times - and each time I fall even more in love with Troy Lee.The end still makes me very angry, but if I skip the epilogue and ignore the way Tick acted for most of the book, I could happily label this book (almost) perfect._____________________Another good entry in the Hearts of the South series, but had more flaws than many of the previous novels. I especially think she took the easy way out at the end. Still, I'm excited to read the next installment.