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Cutting Edge - Linda Howard I read this book after finishing Double Standards by Judith McNaught, a book with a similar theme. I feel like Howard does a better job of redeeming the hero than McNaught does, plus the shorter page count makes for a less bogged-down feeling.Brett is investigating an embezzling scheme at the company Tess works for. He decides he's interested in her and pursues her..until he realizes she's the one doing the embezzling. Then he has her arrested and intends to press charges. The only problem? Tessa hasn't been embezzling and she'd fallen so in love with Brett his betrayal devastates her. This is definitely an angsty novel. It grabbed me by the throat right from the beginning. I hated Brett right along with Tessa. Though his high-handedness grated, I was able to move past his betrayal because he suffered greatly for what he'd done. The end did leave me somewhat unsatisfied, however. I think another chapter would have helped resolve things completely in my mind.