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Rainshadow Road - Lisa Kleypas This is a sweet, magical story. It took a small suspension of disbelief to buy into the paranormal element, but in the end I think Kleypas made it work.Speaking of the paranormal element - which is really more mystical than paranormal - I have to say it took me by surprise at first. after thinning about it, however, it shouldn't have. The theme of the first book was magic, and that carried over here. By adding a touch of whimsy, Kleypas have the story some much needed air. Otherwise I think it would have been bogged down by both Lucy and Sam's past disappointments.There was something very real about the characters. Though its fun to read about the uber-alpha hero, I enjoyed how *normal* Sam was. Here was a man who wanted sex without complications, but was willing to offer friendship as well. There was no dark brooding if he was denied her bed, no emo-like sulking of she didn't call or fall in line with what he wanted. There were only two mature adults dealing with life and learning each other.It was refreshing that they had interests outside each other. Lucy was passionate about her glass making and Sam about his wine making. Sam had his brothers and niece, and Lucy her friends. Too often in contemporary romance the hero and heroine find themselves wrapped up in each other, or meshing their lives completely. I'm glad that didn't happen here.The shadow comes from Lucy's sister Alice, and her relationship with her parents. While I understood the reason Lucy thought she needed to forgive her, I wasn't at all impressed with the way Kleypas handled that story-line. I was also annoyed at the POV hopping as sequel bait. I didn't need to read things from Alice's perspective, nor from Alex or Zoe (Sam's brother and one of Lucy's best friends, who will be featured in the next book). Overall this was an enjoyable read. I'm looking forward to the third book in August.