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Kilts & Kraken (Gaslight Chronicles, #3) - Cindy Spencer Pape I loved this story. Can that be my entire review? No? Fine!The world-building was tight and interesting. My experience with Steampunk is limited, but I fell right into this world and couldn't wait for more. I love that it was set in Scotland, rather than London as so many others are. The characters were well-developed. The storyline and conflict were interesting and compelling. I really wanted to know what was going to happen. Would they be able to work things out? I especially loved that hte heroine was a doctor in a time when women weren't. She was strong and confident in herself, which I enjoyed. Toward the end I think it..not necessarily fell apart, but became kind of rushed. I would have liked to see a couple extra pages so things weren't pushed. All in all, an excellent story.