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When She Wasn't Looking - HelenKay Dimon Preface: I'm married to a cop. That colors my reading when it comes to romantic suspense. Things other readers might overlook stand out to me. I'm far from being an expert, but I know just enough that it tends to kill my enjoyment when it comes to the procedural stuff. That's where this book fell apart for me. I couldn't buy into the plot as it was written. The choices Jonas made as a cop didn't make sense. Nor did the amount of protocol he ignored. From there it was all downhill. Because I didn't buy into the plot, I couldn't buy into the romance. Would a cop fall in love with a woman who pulls a gun on him, ignores orders he issues for her own well-being and is, in general, a shady character? I think not. I kept saying "OMG, can you believe this" to my husband, until finally he said, "Babe. Seriously. STFU.". That's love, yo.I think romantic suspense and I need to break up. Permanently.