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The Vanishing - Ruth Ann Nordin This was a free download for the Nook.I liked the premise. On the day millions of people vanish, aliens invade Earth. For some reason the general populace isn't bothered by this. Autumn and her soon-to-be brother-in-law Alex seem to be the exception. Her sister Marrianne is her best friend and she disappeared. Autumn can't accept the alien's explanation that she chose to go to another planet to live. Neither can Alex. He's plagued by an Alien who follows him around and stands over his bed at night (creepy).Alex gets the idea from the alien that he needs to visit Area 51 to find out what happened to Marrianne. Autumn agrees to go with him. But all is not what it seems...I didn't realize this was the first novella in a series of them. While I enjoyed the premise, which is a more sci-fi take on Armageddon based on the book of revelations (anyone who has read the Left Behind series will see where this is going), there are a number of typographical and grammatical errors. I also found the characters to be somewhat flat and one-dimensional. I can see where this is headed and would like to continue, but I don't think these are worth paying for.