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Tri Mates (Cascadia Wolves) - Lauren Dane As I read some of these earlier Cascadia novels, I really struggle with some of the plot devices Dane uses. Specifically the fated mates trope and how that automatically means love. I can deal with the fated mates thing as long as there's sufficient time to develop the relationship outside what's been fated. I think here, though, the feelings come too quickly. I realize they're tied to the mating bond, but when the "I Love You's" are thrown out that early (5 minutes after meeting) it rings false.Once I move past that, I can't deny these are compelling reads. I especially enjoyed the way the tri-mate worked in this case. Having 3 people join together for a permanent relationship has always been interesting to me. I give it more leeway because in this world it's more accepted, but the internal workings of the relationship were fun to read about.