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Enforcer - Lauren Dane This was pretty good. Many times in PNR I'm left feeling dissatisfied over the reaction of the non-paranormals. Dane really took the time to explore that aspect of it. On the one hand it worked. It was good to see that a woman who has nothing but bad feelings toward weres didn't just fall at their feet. On the other hand, I think she may have taken the reality of it a little too far. Despite that, I enjoyed the story. The pack dynamics were interesting and so was the romance. I generally shy away from the "fated mates" trope, except in shifter books. Then I can accept it. I did get frustrated with Lex for not being upfront with Nina right from the beginning. He meant to change her entire life, but didn't discuss it with her first? Big no-no. I think Nina let him off the hook a little to easily. Overall I found this to be a fast, interesting read. I'm anxious to continue with the series.