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Honor's Splendour - Julie Garwood 4/15/11 re-read: After a conversation at RT I decided to pick this up for another read. It had been a couple of years and I was afraid it wouldn't hold up. It did. I adore Madelyne and Duncan both. Their romances is so easy to fall into. Madelyne's temper tantrums and bloodthirsty nature are hilarious..as it Duncan's response to her. I thoroughly enjoyed myself while reading. I hope all of you will pick this up, too.12/09 re-read: I never get tired of reading this book. I simply adore it.While I like Madelyne, Duncan is the one that steals the show. I just love that he's the one who falls into Madelyne. I love that he must sleep with her every night, even though she has no idea. So sweet.