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Laird of Darkness - Nicole North This is an erotic novella. Lady Alana is on her way to meet her betrothed, but is kidnapped instead by his half-brother. The two siblings have been feuding all their lives over a magical bow they need to keep night demons at bay. Duncan, Alana's captor, hopes he can trade Alana for the bow. Kinnon, Alana's intended, has no intention of giving it, or her, up. Stalemate. But neither brother could have predicted Alana would decide to choose her own fate...Alana isn't no longer chaste. Although she hopes for a kind husband, she also wants a lusty one. She knows that makes her a wanton, but she can't help it. Duncan isn't at all what she expected. He's dark and brooding, but he also takes care to see that she's comfortable. The contradiction surprises her. It also surprises her that she's falling in love with him. Duncan is determined to trade Alana for the bow...until she starts sharing his bed. Then he isn't sure he can give her up. This is a short story, but it was very engaging. I enjoyed all the characters, especially the brothers. They each see the other as the villain, but the situation isn't black and white. My only disappointment is how short the story was, and how the author left it. I hope she has plans to continue it in the future.