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True Colors - Joyce Lamb This is the first Lamb novel I've read. It's the second in a series. I don't normally have a problem reading out of order, but I felt like I missed some of the backstory when it came to the two main character's relationship. I wonder if Lamb purposely dropped us into their relationship as it was in progress, or if I missed out on key things because I didn't read the first book?I really like psychic novels. Of the paranormal elements, those are my favorite. You can keep your vampires and shifters, give me a good psychic any day. The problem I had with this one was that Alex's powers were never fully explored. I wanted to learn more about her abilities and where they came from. There was a lot about this novel I enjoyed. The chemistry between the main characters really came through. They also had an emotional connection, at least in the beginning. Unfortunately that seemed to kind of fade as the story progressed. The plot was interesting with the psychic elements, but I felt it was somewhat lacking in the suspense department. I never really connected with the villain, and didn't understand why he'd gotten away with so much. Even so, the parts where Alex was in his head were chilling to read. John's refusal to accept Alex's abilities began to grate on my nerves after awhile. I understand being skeptical, but he was just stupid about it at times. Which was really contradictory, because he was really great about it at other times. He even acknowledged to himself that he was blowing hot and cold. I think he needed to be more concerned with Alex than with keeping his secrets safe. His saving grace was, once that was pointed out to him, he quickly moved past his issues to focus on Alex.I had quite a few problems with the suspense plot, but I tried to set aside my disbelief enough to enjoy the story. That worked to an extent. In the end I found myself invested in the characters, but as I continued on it was with rolled eyes and a sense of incredulity. I would say that the novel is readable, but flawed.