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The Scarletti Curse - Christine Feehan I don't like this book as much as I like Lair of the Lion, but it's still a good read. I like that Feehan really addresses maidenly modesty here. Too often in historical romance novels the heroines are perfectly comfortable to strip naked for their men - or any discomfort they feel at being naked and wanton is soon forgotten in the glory of the Big O. But that isn't realistic - a woman's sense of modestly, especially during historical times, isn't so easy to overcome. Feehan really showcases the issue, leaving the heroine with regrets, doubts and many self-recriminations for her sexual behavior. She doesn't take it overboard, but it adds just the right flair of reality into the story. I also like the practicality the heroine shows. She isn't given a choice about her marriage, but she does her best to work with what she's got. I did find myself becoming frustrated with the way the hero acted, however. His "me man, you woman" routine got old early in the book, as did the way he constantly brushed her aside, ignoring her concerns and fears. He was redeemed in the end, however, because once he opened up and committed himself, he was all in.