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At the Duke's Pleasure - Tracy Anne Warren This is my first book by Tracy Anne Warren. I've been on a historical kick and grabbed this at random from my TBR shelf. Having read it, I'm anxious to go back and read the first two in the series.Edward was an excellent character. He's strong, responsible and just a tad domineering, but he's also kind, sensitive and extremely sexy. He takes his responsibilities serious, but he unwinds and relaxes around his family. I think the amount of responsibility a Duke carries is often downplayed in romance novels, but not here. Warren really did an excellent job of showing the weight of responsibility, without weighing the novel down or making Edward boring. Claire was harder to pin down. I enjoyed certain things about her. Her zest for life was unparalleled, and her sense of humor and charm made her a likable character. The longer her antics went on, and the more outrageous they became, however, the more frustrated with her I became.Though Claire's actions bothered me, I enjoyed this novel for the most part. I'm anxious to read Mallory's book (Edward's sister, the next entry in the series) and also to read about Cade and Jack (the first two books in the series).