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Breakfast in Bed - Robin Kaye I really loved Kaye's debut novel, Romeo, Romeo. Her second release, Too Hot To Handle, didn't work for me at all. So I wasn't sure what to expect when I started this book. I'm glad to report it was much better than THTH, though I don't think it worked as well as RR.I think the best part about this book is Rich. His antics as he tries to learn to be more domesticated often had me laughing out loud. Part of me was a little skeptical that a man of 34 didn't know how to do anything for himself, but I was able to set that aside and enjoy this aspect of the book. Yes, it's a little unbelievable, but it was also kind of cute watching him figure things out. Besides his antics being hilarious, Rich showed himself to be a strong, caring, compassionate person. Though he let his mom and aunt take care of him and wasn't much for serious relationships, he wasn't a jerk or irresponsible. He just hasn't fully grown up yet. Watching him do so with the help of Becca was really great.Becca I loved for the fist half of the book. She was strong, independent, witty and caring. Though she's reluctant to get involved with Rich - even in a platonic way - she wasn't over-the-top rude about it. She was just a woman who'd erected strong barriers around herself. The problem for me came toward the second half of the novel. Rich is ready to accept his feelings for Becca much sooner than she, which is fine. Honestly it was the same way with me and my husband in the beginning. Unfortunately Becca took things a bit too far. Not only did the idea of something more permanent with Rich freak her out, but she pushed him away because of it.While I understand that Becca had been hurt in the past and had trust issues stemming from her childhood, it drove me insane that she still pushed Rich away. Even that wasn't too bad, though, because she was trying to work it out. What pushed me over the edge with her was the way she jumped to conclusions about Rich and grasped at one small thing to completely push him out of her life. I really enjoyed it until the last 1/4 or so. Unfortunately that was enough to bring my grade down.