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Castles - Julie Garwood After Rowena reviewed this I kept thinking about it and decided I had to re-read. While I enjoyed parts of it, I'd forgotten that this is one of my least favorite books.Colin acts like such a condescending jerk to Alesandra most of the time I found I was just annoyed with him. He doesn't give her the credit she deserves for anything. While that was cute in the beginning, the longer his attitude wore on the less I enjoyed the book. By the time he realizes his mistakes and apologizes, I'd had enough of his high handed ways. Especially since he constantly "forbids" Alesandra from doing things.For her part Alesandra was a good heroine, but I felt she became somewhat of a doormat toward the end. The way she constantly gave in frustrated me.There are some wonderfully humorous and/or touching moments, but they weren't enough to save the story for me.