What Were You Expecting?

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Take Me For a Ride (Signet Eclipse) - Karen Kendall Based on the blurb and cover, I expected a darker romantic suspense. That isn't what I got. Despite being lighter than I expected, it started out fairly well. Unfortunately it quickly went downhill.Most of my issues stemmed from the fact that Natalie is completely too stupid to live. She had absolutely no common sense. Right from the beginning I was scratching my head at her antics. The way she refused to go to the police and blindly trusted a stranger she met in a bar was just the beginning of a whole book full of stupid moves on her part.I liked Eric a bit better, but it annoyed me how he claimed to be such a lady chaser and yet we saw no evidence of it. He was portrayed as a strong, chivalrous man right from the beginning. If the author hadn't continually beat me over the head with his thoughts of how out of character it was for him to be so sweet I would never have known he was an asshole.