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A Knight's Temptation - Catherine Kean I always forget how much I like medieval romances. This reminded me quite a bit of the movie Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves in imagery. I enjoyed the setting and the basic storyline. Though I did struggle quite a bit with the characters. The hero's internal dialogue would have us believe he was a compassionate and chivalrous night, but I wasn't totally convinced by his actions. The way he treated the heroine on their journey left quite a bit to be desired. Especially the way he constantly accused her of tempting him, making it her fault he couldn't keep his hands off her. At first I understood the heroine's attraction to him, but as the story progressed I started thinking she was suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. I didn't really believe she fell in love with the hero based on his actions, but more because he was her captive. There were parts I enjoyed, however, so this wasn't a total loss. On their own the characters were wonderful, it was just when they got together that I didn't believe in their actions and reactions.