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Pride and Pleasure

Pride and Pleasure - Sylvia Day Quite a few things in this book too me by surprise. There were several things I predicted were going to happen that didn't. Eliza, for example. She was leery about marriage thanks to growing up with a mother who prized passion and love more than anything else. She's learned to be distrustful of men and their motives and really has no desire to be attached to one. So I thought she'd have a fit when she realized Jasper wasn't everything he'd claimed to be, but Day really took things in an unexpected - and welcome - direction. I was also concerned that Jasper would push Eliza away, thinking it was "for her own good". But again Day surprised me. I truly enjoyed both main characters and the way they fell into love with one another.The villain wasn't hard to figure out, but I was surprised by the motives of some of the other characters. It isn't often that I don't see a twist coming, so it was kind of refreshing here to see not all was as it appeared. Overall I found this to a pleasant read with a strong romance and likable characters.