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The Countess (Madison Sisters Series #1)

The Countess - Lynsay Sands Sands writes really light-hearted, funny romps. Though The Countess started out rather serious, it wasn't long before the silly side of the story emerged. This is the start of a new trilogy about three sisters with large dowries who must marry to save their family from ruin. I read them out of order because I didn't realize they were connected. I really enjoyed them, though they were rather farcical at times. They're told in tandem, which means they were kind of redundant at times, but overall they were light and fun reads. Although I enjoyed much of the story, I really had to suspend disbelief to buy the basic premise. The blackmail angle didn't work for me at all, since I thought the case behind it was rather flimsy (a he said/she said kind of thing that could easily be explained away). Aside from that this was a fun story. I like that Sands explored the issue of trust between a husband and wife. I also liked both main characters and the full cast of secondary characters.