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River Marked (Mercy Thompson)

River Marked - Patricia Briggs This moved slow in parts, but not so much I wanted to set it aside. I'm really annoying this series. This book has a lot more Adam and Mercy. In the precious books I struggled a bit with their relationship, because I didn't feel a deep connection on Mercy's side. Not that she doesn't love him, but more that the mating thing seemed to be all on his side. I do feel like they connected more in this book. Maybe because they were together so much.The mystery was interesting, though the slow parts came in the preparations and info Mercy learned about her heritage. Something that bothers me in this series is how...anticlimatic the resolutions always are. There's so much build-up to Mercy fighting the villain, the end always seems to come way too fast. Aside from that I enjoyed the book. I can't wait to see how the storyline from the Alpha and Omega crosses over to this series.