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Dark Highlander (Highlander Series #5)

The Dark Highlander - Karen Marie Moning For years I considered this my favorite of all Moning's books (followed ver closely by Adam's story) but this re-read left me feeling pretty disappointed. The poly here is well dine and kept me interested. I couldn't wait to see how Dageus would be saved ( I'd forgotten the details) and I loved the parts from his POV. Especially his interactions with his family.What didn't work for me this time around was Chloe. She acted like a brainless twit for most of the book. She constantly put herself in danger, rarely thought before she acted and was, in general, a total peahen. I don't remember hating her this much before, but I admit when I thought about this book at all it was Dageus that came to mind. I'm sad that my fond memories are somewhat marred by tbr heroine, but I'm glad to know Dageus is still worthy.