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The Devil in Winter (Wallflower Series #3)

Devil in Winter - Lisa Kleypas This is one of my top 5 favorite LK book. It might even be #2.I adore everything about this book, from Sebastian to Evie. We meet Seb in the previous book where he's cast as a villain (of his own making). The thing I love best about him in this book is that he's no different than he was in the previous book. He is unapologetically a bastard. He doesn't just act like an ass to cover a true heart of gold, he really just is an ass. But events in the book and Evie start to change him. I love watching his transformation.Evie undergoes her own transformation in this story. Though she'll always be a shy wallflower, she really blossoms and matures in this book. She's shown to be a strong woman who's willing to fight for what she believes in. I wasn't sure about her in the beginning but she really captured me as the story went on.