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Finding Perfect (Fool's Gold Series #3)

Finding Perfect - Susan Mallery I wasn't sure what to think going into this story. I could see what was coming a mile away and didn't know how to feel about it. The idea of someone leaving their frozen embryos to another person is mind boggling. Especially when that person does it without telling anyone, namely the person who's inheriting them. That was my main issue with this book. Crystal didn't win me over by dropping that on Pia without thought or consideration. Having a baby is a huge thing. Asking someone else to carry and raise your babies after you're dead, without discussing it beforehand, is almost too much.Otherwise I really enjoyed the book. I had problems with both Pia and Raoul, and how much they took on themselves, but mostly I was able to look past that. I adored how strong and giving Raoul was and how Pia had to learn to lean on him.