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Second Chance at the Sugar Shack: A Sugar Shack Novel

Second Chance at the Sugar Shack: A Sugar Shack Novel - Candis Terry Another sweet contemporary romance. Matt and Kate were high school sweethearts. Matt thought they were headed for 2.5 kids and a white picket fence, so when Kate took off for the big city without a word to him he was devastated. Now she's back in town and he's determined to stay far away. Unfortunately the chemistry between them is just as strong as ever, so that's easier said than done. Kate only ever wanted to find herself. After years of hard work she finally has the career she's always dreamed off as a stylist to some of Hollywood's biggest stars. But when she comes home to Deer Lick, MT for her mother's funeral she realizes her glamorous life in LA might not be what she's always wanted after all...I really liked both Matt and Kate. They were both down to earth, hardworking and honest. I did get frustrated with Matt here and there for being so stubborn, and I wish they would have opened up and talked sooner, but overall I really liked this novel. It left me feeling warm and fuzzy inside.ETA: I didn't like how Kate's family pushed her into staying behind. It was something that really frustrated me. To claim their lives were more important is one thing, but the way they went behind her back to make sure she stayed was beyond the beyond.