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Oceans of Fire (Drake Sisters Series #3)

Oceans of Fire - Christine Feehan This is my least favorite book in the series. I always start off hating the hero, Aleksandr, for what he did to the heroine, Abbey, in the past. Then I start hating Abbey for pushing him away and making up lame excuses for why they can't be together. I understand her being scared of his ruthless streak, but why continue to sleep with him, lean on him and lead him on? It isn't until later in the book that we realize why Aleksandr did what he did to protect Abbey, so most of the book they both annoyed me.There are some good parts. I love the dolphins and the interactions between the sisters. I also love the glimpses of Jackson and Ilya. The main relationship frustrates me. In the end, I'm not sure I fully believed they would in their HEA.