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Saving Grace - Julie Garwood Re-read 02/08/13 - LOVE!How many times do you suppose I can re-read this and review it by saying LOVE!? Because I feel like this could go on forever. Re-read 11/14/11 - LOVE! This is one of my top 5 favorite Julie Garwood books. I absolutely adore everything about it from the setting to the characters.The overall message - that women are just as important as men - could have become preachy, but it didn't. Johanna dealt with a lot during her first marriage and I like that Garwood addressed her issues. She was a strong character who really came into her own throughout this book. My heart ached for her and all she endured. Gabriel I loved right from the beginning. His honor and strength were immediately evident, but it was his caring and compassion with Johanna that won me over.