What Were You Expecting?

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The Heiress (Madison Sisters, #2) - Lynsay Sands I've been referring to this book as a historical Weekend at Bernies. With an out there plot, silly antics and a corpse that turns up in the most unfortunate places, this is a fun romp.The heroine is especially noteworthy. She is honest and forthright and isn't afraid to speak her mind, no matter how unflattering the truths she reveals. The word that kept coming to mind to describe her was termagant, and I mean that in the nicest way possible. The hero was a stand-up kind of guy, the type many women dream about. Where others might have been horrified by the heroine he adored her. Though I enjoyed it, this novel requires the reader to suspend a huge amount of disbelief in order to make it work. this was hard at times, because the plot was so unbelieveable. If you're in the mood for a lighthearted comedy, I recommend this. Just remember to go into it expecting a plot a little on the unbelieveable side.