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If He's Sinful (Wherlocke 3) - Hannah Howell I'm really glad to see Howell moving away from her Murray series and into new territory. Though I am concerned that she's planning to exchange one large, eccentric family for another.I enjoyed this for the most part. I was annoyed that the characters seemed to act so slowly, for it's obvious early on who the villain is. even so, I understood their reasons - they couldn't act without proof. It just seemed it took them a rather long time to realize they needed to get it.Penelope was a typical Howell heroine - strong and feisty. I really enjoyed her. Ashton was somewhat of a stick-in-the-mud, but I think that worked within the context of the story.Although there are many dark elements, the novel is lightened by Penelope's brothers and cousins. I really want to read about the rest of Ashton's friends, especially Brant. ************I re-read this after reading the 3rd book, If He's Wild, and enjoyed it even more the second time. Ashton didn't seem quite so staid in this book, and Penelope's large family cracked me up.