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Can't Stand the Heat - Wynter Daniels I've read several books by Wynter Daniels (writing as Dara Edmondson) and really liked them, so I expected to like this one as well. Unfortunately there wasn't much to recommend about it.I'm going to be upfront and state right now that this book features one of my hot-button issues. Other readers may not have the reaction I did because they feel differently than I do about the main conflict. This is the problem I had with this book. HE IS AN ADDICT. HE DOESN'T STOP GAMBLING. Throughout the entire book, he keeps gambling, putting Marissa in danger even though he says he won't. I'm all for second chances. They get a divorce and a year later he shows up - having been clean for that whole time time - and wants a second chance, great. But he hasn't ever stopped. He's still lying and stealing and generally being a douche. But my problem continues from there because Marissa was nothing but a doormat. He pawned her jewelry, continued to lie to her and put her in mortal danger - and STILL she believed him when he said he was done. STILL she took him back. STILL she had sex with him. This makes no sense to me. At some point you have to say enough is enough - only Marissa never did. He came back the same man he left as, the one she swore she was done with, and SHE TOOK HIM BACK. The only reason I ended up finishing was because I was hoping one - or both of them - would wind up either dead or with someone else. I'm afraid I was disappointed all the way around.